Classic albums: the 1980’s

Black Sabbath Heaven and Hell.jpg

Black Sabbath‘s second life started with this albumHeaven And Hell (Vertigo, 1980). Ronnie James Dio‘s powerful vocals combined with Iommi ‘s riffs make it an almost unbeatable hard rock classic (review).

AC/DC Back in Black

AC/DC also needed a new singer on their 8th album Back In Black (Atlantic, 1980), because the charismatic Bon Scott had died. The album sold 50 million worldwide – the ultimate proof for the universal appeal of this uncomplicated and powerful rock machine (review). read more

Noteworthy releases by three well known acts (November 2015)

Everyone who loves the classic Leppard sound of the 1980s will surely have a good time with Def Leppard‘s new album. They’re not breaking new ground but do what they do best and most of the magic’s still there. rating: 80/100. The opening song:

Unfortunately the same can not be said of Bryan Adams new album, even though he teams up with songwriter Jim Vallence again after a long time. The album features short 1960s/70s style pop songs that are alright but nowhere near the sophisticated yet expressive melodic rock songs the tandem was famous for in the 1980s. Maybe expectations were to high. Let’s hope the collaboration lasts and that Adams employs a more rock oriented producer for the next album. rating: 50/100. read more