For Danger Danger fans good things still came in two in April 2016


Last month some very interesting Danger Danger spin-off albums were released. The Defiants, (comprised of Danger Danger alumni including singer Paul Laine) debuted with a strong album. And a few days ago original (and current) singer Ted Poley released a new solo CD. For Danger Danger good things still seem to come in twos.

The band’s 1989 debut had everything an ’80s rock band needed: big guitars, big hair and some catchy songs.

A few years later singer Ted Poley was replaced for Paul Laine who had just released a  brilliant solo debut.

In 2004 Paul left the band to be replaced by Ted Poley. Five years later Danger Danger came up with their latest album to date, a good CD in the style of their debut. The same is true of the solo albums Ted Poley put out since, including his latest, Beyond The Fade (May 15), that got some great reviews.

Meanwhile Paul Laine had some interesting projects after leaving Danger Danger, including country rock outfit Darkhorse.

Recently Paul teamed up with his former Danger Danger colleagues in The Defiants to make a melodic rock album (April 15), that sounds not far from the Laine fronted Danger Danger and rocks a little harder than Ted Poley‘s latest solo album. It got some rave reviews too.

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