Two recent melodic rock releases that stand out (May 2016)


Treat and Vega deliver two of the better recent melodic rock releases with Ghost Of Graceland (April 15) and Who We Are (May 13) respectively. Treat elaborates on their fine 2010 comeback album Coup De Grace, while Vega reaches new heights with their latest.

Treat is Swedish band that started 33 years ago. It was one of the bands that laid the foundation for the very healthy Scandinavian scene, that seems to be more vibrant today than it ever was. They grew up with their fans and deliver a mature but still very lively 7th album that ticks most of the boxes for Melodic Rock fans.

Vega on the other hand, is a relatively young British band. Who We Are is their 4th album in the 7 years they exist. It’s uptempo, full of energy and extremely catchy. Definitely a band that makes 80’s style rock relevant for today and tomorrow. A fitting review is found here. Their well-kept website here.

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