What Graveyard’s music sounds like according to reviewers (2015-11-13)

Ten attempts to pinpoint the musical essence of ‘The Apple And The Tree’ (lyrics), one of the songs on Graveyard‘s latest album ‘Innocence & Decadence‘ (2015-09-25).

  1. Consequences Of Sound: “On pop-leaning tracks like “The Apple & the Tree” you might mistake them for Cream”
  2. Pitchfork: The “wandering guitar lead sounds like a distant cousin to “All Along the Watchtower”
  3. Metal Sucks: “Finds a tone in a Dire Straits/Tom Petty/Moody Blues kind of vein, although the chorus comes back to a more garage-y undercurrent”
  4. The Great Southern Brainfart: “With its “Sultans of Swing” meets Blue Oyster Cult kind of groove, this song totally caught me off guard but in a good way”
  5. Sputnik Music: “One of the strongest tracks on the album, giving a LZ/Hendrix feel. It also includes a segment of guitar distortion letting us know that we are not back in the 60s all together”
  6. Risky Fuel: “A particularly signature take on their cannonading sound with its fiery pace and working man blues lament”
  7. Fast N Bulbous: “chases a smooth, chugging groove along the lines of “Sultans Of Swing,” that manages to be different but still recognizable as Graveyard, moody and autumnal”
  8. Rock N Reel: “The first big departure from this older Graveyard vibe delivering something far more 70’s rock and is absolutely fucking bitch’n!! Great vocals, catchy swinging riffs and a great percussive groove only add up to make this wonderful stand out track”
  9. About.com: “A Frampton-esque rocker that features some of guitarist Jonathan Ramm’s best riffing, and a terrific, growling vocal performance by Joakim Nilsson”
  10. Classicrock.net: “über poppige Thin Lizzy”


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